MJ Darl!ng

THE STARSH!P SAGA CONTINUES, as MJ Darl!ng logs his journeys exploring new worlds of music.

From percussion-heavy Hip-Hop, Drum n' Bass, Breakbeat, and Dubstep, to House music, Trap, and the sensuality of Chill, MJ once again finds a way to share his many artistic experiences.

And from STARSH!P's excursions beyond, MJ introduces us to new favorites with each and every track!

THE DEBUT LP, "LOVE DIMENSION" - A sonic joyride with a musical psychonaut, exploring the different aspects of Love (eg., Eros, Phileo, Storge', and Agape'), and the various musical styles of the times (eg., Rock, New-Wave/Synthwave, Hip-Hop, EDM, and Neo-Soul).

2017 marks MJ's debut to the global audiences, with his long-awaited "Love Dimension" LP release.

Whereas before, MJ rarely sang in his prior EDM works, his assertion of himself as MJ Darl!ng, the singer/songwriter is liberated and honest, giving his all, in every facet of his production (ie., songwriting, composing, vocalism, rapping, mix decisions, etc.) creating every song on the album in either a different genre, or style, past, present, or future.

Here is a radio versioned title track from the album.

"It's fantastic! It covers a wide range of styles and has a bit of something for everyone. You'll hear influences from lots of greats like Phil Collins, Earth Wind and Fire, Peter Gabriel, and on, and on!"
-Mason Harris

"I approve! Its my new fave. I had to cop that!"
-Corliss Patton-Austin

"..actually quite good! Awesome!"
-Sandi Rush Strickland

"I actually dug that! The beats was funky, kinda jazzy like Bruno Mars. I really like it. dope!"
-Patrice Ware-Tankersley

"It sounds like the kind of music you'd hear in Heaven!"
 -Rob Wolfson

"Wow, I can't believe how good this sounds; I love it!"
-Tess Dobbs

""How I Feel About U", and "Love Dimension" are my new faves, in addition to "Can't Keep Cool", "Moon Over MeTRAPolis", "Not Much", and "So Close!"

 "This is dope!"
-Nekaybaaw Bey

-Alan Paul

"Awesome purchase!"
-John Gaiser

""How I Feel About U" is the jam tho!"

All songs on this album (except the rap on "How I Feel About U" ft. ISSAv1E99) were written, produced, performed, and engineered by MJ Darl!ng for STARSH!P Recordings, and MJ DARL!NG Music, 2017; all rights reserved.

STARSH!P: The White Label Remixes (Liquid Jazz/Funk Drum n' Bass; 2015)

This playlist is of the "white label" or unreleased/unregulated remixwerk from MJ as Omn!pax, to which is played during live shows/events.

They may never be sold, only given away as a promotional gift (so watch for time-sensitive giveaways).

Remixes include:
Michael Jackson, SADE, Seal, Shakira & Rihanna, Umphrey's McGee, Tegan & Sara, Parade of Lights, and MORE!

BONUS (Too Hot For Soundcloud):
Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (Omn!pax ''Jackso-Nova'' Remix; 2014)



STARSH!P: Master Class (Original Music Chronicle; 2011)

In this collection, Omn!pax's sound sends him into the global arena, showcasing classic styles of Drum n' Bass, House, Breakbeat, and the latest of EDM stylings, Dubstep and Electro.

The very latest originals from Omn!pax, with guestwerk  from Son!c Warfare, LaMenga Kafi, Tara "Toxic" Carrick, Steklo and more; listen NOW!

STARSH!P: Prequels (Original Music Chronicle; 2009)

STORYTELLING SELECTIONS from Darl!ng's "Opx. + Tales of the Southern Cross" HIP-HOP and "Excursions Beyond" EDM ALBUMS - Hear the epic sonic saga from Southsider, Omnipax MJ Darling.

Its got music, beats, singin', angels, demons, hustlers, heroes and ingenues, a great human story, and its ALL TRUE!

A Hip-Hop and Electronica tell-all, with guest vocal appearances by Dub Hel!x and Jackie "Jaxx/Bubblez" Smith. 

 Courtesy of ANOM!LE/Mars RED1 Media 

The Way Of The Omn!pax

Ordained Minister

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